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When you can’t choose your neighbors

by Fadi Abu Sada

Not long ago, and not much more than a 100 meters from the house in which I grew up and where I still live, lay the greenest hill around Bethlehem. Jebel Abu Gheneim is no longer green. Instead the view–and so much more–has been spoiled by Bethlehem-area settlement number 19, better known as Har Homa. Continue reading


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Alternative media step in where offical media fail

By Fadi Abu Sada

(MENASSAT.COM) – Across most of the Arab world, the local media have often been likened to official state-run media, even when they are not. Analysts say they are almost uniformly non-independent and most often reflect only one point of view – that of a political party or another interest group. Others have pointed to what they say is an epidemic of unprofessionalism in the media. Continue reading

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Beyond the Christmas lights, the real Bethlehem

Fadi Abu Sada

BETLEHEM, (MENASSAT.COM) – Of all the cities in Palestine, Betlehem is by far the most beautiful. Especially at this time of year, when dozens of laborers are decorating the streets in preparation for Christmas. At night, when all the lights come on, it looks even more fabulous. Continue reading

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Inside Palestine’s Media War

Fadi Abu Sada

These days, headlines for the Fatah-controlled press go something like this: “Hamas’ militia continues to perpetrate its crimes,” or “Hamas’ insurgent gangs do x, y, z.”  Whereas a newspaper opinion poll might be framed like: “What is the expected method for Hamas’ fall from power?” Continue reading

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Palestinians trust their media despite weak performance

By Fadi Abu Sada

BETLEHEM, Dec. 17, 2007 (MENASSAT.COM) – There have been very few attempts at tracking who is doing what media-wise in the Palestinian Territories. Certainly, there is sparse research to indicate how these media outlets are received by the Palestinian public. Until now. Continue reading

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