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Solana… don’t go…

Fadi Abu Sada

Since I was young, I was dreaming to study a topic that would lead me to become a diplomat.  This is because I love my country and wanted to send it’s message to the whole world. Today, I wish that I’m a diplomat in this moment after I heard about the meeting between Javier Solana and the Israeli FM in Sedrot, north of Gaza Strip. Continue reading


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So we don’t die…

Fadi Abu Sada

During the shameful infighting in the Gaza Strip, we felt for a while that we lost everything, or that we were even dieing as a nation, it was the worst feeling ever for Palestinians, between the hell of the occupation and the hell of the infighting. Continue reading

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Then… what do we want!!

Fadi Abu Sada

We are not sure what we want. Are we looking for our freedom and having our independent state? Or is it impossible after the terrible infighting in the streets of Gaza?  Do we even care or have we surrendered which is something we didn’t do in fifty nine years occupation!! Continue reading

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The dirty infighting

Fadi Abu Sada

The infighting has come back again to the streets; the fear of a Palestinian civil war is being raised again, as if the fighting had ever stopped. Since they talked about the Mecca agreement the infighting continued but at a lower scale and was ignored by the media.  Now it has exploded again; in the streets, refugee camps, and hospitals…blood is everywhere. Continue reading

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The “Nakba” Memories

Fadi Abu Sada

Fridays, I love to take my morning coffee only with my grandfather and grandmother, especially the stories they keep telling me about the past days, Palestinian proverbs, and the simple life they lived, and while we are passing the Nakba memories these days, I asked them for more information about the first days at 1967 war (the Nakba). Continue reading

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