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The Southern Suburb, South Lebanon, Destroyed but Standing tall

Fadi Abu Sada

They told us to be at the entrance of the American University of Beirut, exactly 1:30pm; we will visit the southern suburb, which was known as the security zone of Hezbollah, Haret Hreik, which we knew during the last war on Lebanon, which we saw over the days and weeks on television. Continue reading


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Twenty five years… to be in Beirut

Fadi Abu Sada

I was six years old, when I started to know a bit what is going on around me. I knew that my father had completed his university education in Beirut. I knew that while he was showing me some pictures of Lebanon.

I catch that picture where my father was standing on a beautiful rock of the sea; he told me it’s the “Rousheh” rock, in Beirut. Thus began my story. Continue reading

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Another Bloody morning in Palestine

Fadi Abu Sada

Although I went to bed at 2am Wednesday morning, and woke up at 5am, I was feeling great. My little child woke me up, he wanted to play, Dawn had not yet clearly overlooked. We played a little and we saw the sunrise together, it seemed beautiful day. Continue reading

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When you feel loosing your humanity!!!

Fadi Abu Sada

Fadi… A raid on Beit Hanoun, a lot of martyrs …Fadi… Israelis fired missiles on a car in Rafah, their are martyrs and wounded people, Fadi… the Israelis attacked an ambulance in Jabalia killing five Palestinians including the driver, this is a quick view to the long hours and harsh moments we live on a daily basis in Palestine. Continue reading

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The siege when it goes Inhuman!!

Fadi Abu Sada

It hurts when you know about any human who got cancer, but it hurts more when you know that this person couldn’t get the medicine, and you got crazy when you know it’s not because of its high coast of this kind of medicine (each piece of this medicine coast more than 500$) but it’s forbidden for Palestinians, because of the international siege on Palestinians. Continue reading

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