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Happy Ramadan Eid to You, Not To Palestinians

Fadi Abu Sada

Happy Ramadan Eid to all of Muslims around the world, but it’s not happy at all for Palestinians.

Daily life in Palestine still the same, bloody daily life, first day of Eid, Palestinians lost more than 8 people, by Israelis and by themselves in the clashes around West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Very early in the morning, One lost by Palestinians in the city of TulKarem north of Palestine, another one lost in the middle of Gaza Strip, and two killed by the Israelis in Jenin and Khan Yonis.

Around 11am, while Palestinians are celebrating the Eid and visiting each others, the Israelis attack with missiles group of Palestinians in Beit Hanoun north of Gaza strip, killed at least four, and injured 30.

We were hoping a calm situation for the Eid holidays, just to take a breath, and to feel it same as all people around the world, but seems our hopes gone with the wind, and we are not lucky at all.

Strike by Palestinians still on for around 50 days now, no life in Palestine, everything is dead. People are with no salaries for the 8th month.

The picture still deeply black around here, but we have nothing than hope to keep alive and dreaming about another kind of pictures.

It’s hard to write or to tell the truth sometimes, but this is what we do have in reality in Palestine, it’s not shame to tell it, shame is when you are not able to do anything to change this situation.

Happy Eid to all of you, and try to wish us same happiness you have someday soon.


October 23, 2006 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Dear Fadi,

    I just wanted to tell you that I really often think about you, and I pray for you all.
    I really hope that each day can be better for you and your family.

    I inserted your blog on my blog (which is italian!) but I strongly want all my friends to know more about Palestine and its daily life.

    take care,

    Comment by Sara Vannelli (Rome) | October 24, 2006 | Reply

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