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Rumors game shouldn’t be played in Palestine

Fadi Abu Sada

It seems nobody cares anymore for the PA employees if they got their salaries or not, nobody cares if Israel will release Palestinian prisoners or not, what they care about is who talk to the press, to be on the front page of all newspapers, radio stations and satellite channels. Continue reading


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I feel pain, but still can resist it

Fadi Abu Sada

It’s the end of the eighth month of the siege by Israel and the international community on Palestine and Palestinians, since Hamas took over the authority after the latest election in the Palestinian territories. Continue reading

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Daily life for Palestinians under occupation

Fadi Abu Sada

Its was few minutes before seven o’clock in the morning, It’s the time when my daily trip begins from my house, to the office to begin a new day, between news and reports, breaking news, and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The nature of my neighborhood, closed to the countryside, full of olive trees. My house is in Bethlehem next to the settlement of Abu Ghneim, one of the neighborhoods of
Jerusalem these days. Continue reading

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Why kidnapping an eyewitness for Palestinians!!!!

Fadi Abu Sada

In spite of bad situation we are passing in Palestine, in spite of loosing supporters while fighting each others and leaving Israel who occupying or land, again we went back to kidnapping journalists, this time, Spanish photographer who work with the AP in Gaza Strip. Continue reading

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Happy Ramadan Eid to You, Not To Palestinians

Fadi Abu Sada

Happy Ramadan Eid to all of Muslims around the world, but it’s not happy at all for Palestinians.

Daily life in Palestine still the same, bloody daily life, first day of Eid, Palestinians lost more than 8 people, by Israelis and by themselves in the clashes around West Bank and Gaza Strip. Continue reading

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